Autumn is here, which means, among other things, that the year 2022 is slowly coming to an end. At the same time, company ZETOR TRACTORS presents its annual calendars for the upcoming year, which always enjoy great popularity. Also this year, two variants have been produced - a 12-page product calendar and a 4-page limited edition. And what can ZETOR fans and customers look forward to in both calendars?


The product calendar takes its owners on a journey through the life cycle of a ZETOR tractor. From its birth in a computer program, through the testing and production, to the handover of the tractor to its new owner. Most customers and fans know ZETOR tractors from exhibitions or directly from working in the field. We try to give them a few snippets of what needs to be done before that. We want to show how much work, time, and how many people it takes to make a tractor like this. ZETOR TRACTORS is one of the few global manufacturers to have its production concentrated in Europe. Our production and development center in the Czech Republic produces a complete portfolio of high-performance utility tractors, and we are very proud of that fact.




The limited edition calendar returns thematically to the countryside, the natural working environment of ZETOR tractors. The theme of this year's limited edition calendar was to celebrate women working in the countryside. Because even today it is not an easy job. Tractors and agriculture in general are most often associated with men, but it is women who occupy an equally important and often indispensable role. Moreover, without them, the countryside would be a sad and definitely less beautiful place.






















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